The 6 Attributes of an Entrepreneur

podcast Jun 01, 2020

A growing number of people, especially women, are opting for the unstable, insecure, risky, and exciting path of working for themselves, either in partnership, collaboration with others, or flying solo. And most of them would choose to do it again, even if they aren't experiencing the level of success they set out for.

Choosing the self-employment path typically means financial instability and insecurity, social and emotional isolation, added stress and pressure on romantic/intimate relationships, and increased challenges with mental health, but certain personal attributes may contribute to both choosing the entrepreneurial path and being successful as an entrepreneur.  

I don't believe there is one type of person who is destined to be an entrepreneur, nor do I believe that all entrepreneurs are alike. There are many different paths to entrepreneurship and many different personalities that succeed in this lifestyle. But what I do believe is that there are several personality attributes or characteristics that make it more likely that a person will choose to be an entrepreneur sooner or later and in this episode, I share them with you. 

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