Imposter Complex

podcast May 20, 2020




One of the things that is the most frustrating to a woman with ADHD is that she usually can’t produce her brilliance on demand.  Try as she might, her creative, innovative, intuitive, out of the box abilities aren’t available to her at all times, like an ATM machine she can always make a withdrawal from.  Sometimes she appears to be an absolute genius at work at life, and other times she feels like a hot mess loser. This can result in a pretty nasty case of Imposter Complex, which is not an actual psychological disorder, but a pretty common cause that holds many bold, brilliant, badass women back from achieving their full potential. 

In this episode, Diann talks about Imposter Complex and why women with ADHD are particularly prone to experiencing it. Imposter Complex is the term used to explain why gifted women tend to dismiss their success as being the result of luck, being in the right place at the right time, or even diversity policies, rather than grit, determination, and brilliance.  We might believe that we are being held back by others, but we often accept less than we want and deserve because of our own self-doubts and insecurities.

Diann also refers to the importance of living in your Zone of Genius, another important concept from the popular book, The Big Leap by author Gay Hendricks and how doing so is one of the most significant changes we can make to start creating an ADHD friendly business and lifestyle. 

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