Don't Suppress the Mess

podcast Jun 22, 2020



Driven women have their own idea and way of how to get things done. Most of the time it is to an extent where the best must be achieved. Others may perceive it as being too much of a perfectionist or demanding. And because of this, most women who work in the corporate world and decide to venture into independent entrepreneurship often find themselves loading too much work for themselves because of hesitancy to ask for help.


Working with a business coach has loads of benefits, a particular one would be that with a coach, more perspectives and troubleshooting are covered to guarantee business to run smoothly and be more profitable. Help doesn’t have to be in the form of professional help all the time, though. Small group or convened communities could also work. But before actually asking for help, you have to first admit that you need one.


For women who have put up their own businesses or are about to put up their own businesses or are about to, it’s best to remember that there is no shame in asking for help if you’re having difficulty with work. Don’t be too hard on yourself. You don’t have to carry it all and walk the stairs, you can use a lift every now and then. Don’t suppress the mess, it’s meant to lead you to know yourself better and redirect you to the things that will serve your purpose.  


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