Change Your Story, Change Your Life

podcast Jul 06, 2020

We all have stories, stories about ourselves, and stories about others. Some of these stories inspire us or drive us to do better. When our stories strengthen our belief in ourselves, our actions and decisions will reinforce them. If we believe we’ll do well and that we’re beautiful inside and out, these beliefs will be reflected in all that we think and do. 


But before this happens, before we can truly live in alignment with our full potential,  it is important for women with ADHD to accept that we actually have ADHD.  We need to unload our old story and own up to the reality of being so much more than our anxiety, depression, or perfectionism. Women with ADHD need also to challenge their negative thoughts about themselves and redirect them into thinking of ways to do and be better, without judgment. In doing so, one must be kinder to oneself.


Sometimes due to our rough childhood or unfortunate circumstances, we are lead to believe that we should more critical about ourselves in order to do our best. But sooner or later, we will realize this doesn’t actually work.  We can literally change our view of ourselves, our potential, our future, and our chances for success, by changing the story we have been telling ourselves. 


Once you change your story, you can truly change your life.

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