A Woman with a Plan

podcast Jun 15, 2020



Most of the time, people take delight or get excited more on the planning part of activities rather than the actual ‘doing’ part. Driven women are particularly not immune to this since they always have places they plan to go to, projects they want to get done, and people they want to meet. If one is not so keen on how to schedule their activities, it may get quite frustrating and counterproductive.


Strategic planning allows driven women to provide a proper sense of direction to what they’re doing and crafting troubleshooting solutions in case there are unexpected things that will come into play. Some time in one’s life, you will realize that enthusiasm is not enough to carry a situation or event, especially when you have other people in the boat with you. It takes careful considerations and a feasible plan to work things out without feeling short-handed or frustrated when things don’t go as expected.


With neuroplasticity, we are taught that our brain is capable of adapting to change regardless of age. That is why it is never too early or late to try and take actions in honing yourself to plan better for events and activities, whether small or big.


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