Fancy, Gritty, Shiny, FOMO

podcast May 20, 2020



If you have an interest-based brain,  the fact that a task, project, or goal is important isn’t always enough to get yourself to do what needs to be done, especially if it happens to be important to someone else, but not to you.  This leads to all kinds of resistance, procrastination, and outright avoidance and this is one of the aspects of being an adult with ADHD that is the most frustrating.  But, what if you understood that your brain works differently and important is not the driver that gets you going?  


In this episode,  Diann shares her concept of the Four ADHD Drivers, which she playfully refers to as Fancy, Gritty, Shiny, and Fomo and why you need to figure out how to make the task at hand more like one of them in order to get yourself to take action.   Hey, we don’t always get to do only the things that we are really interested in, but it’s no surprise that those who are able to create a life based on their interests are able to leverage their ADHD gifts in the most powerful way.  Think Michelle Rodriguez ( acclaimed actress), Simone Biles ( Olympic gymnast) and 

Lisa Ling (award-winning journalist ) who have created highly successful careers around their interests, because of, not in spite of their ADHD.

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